I Will Design A High Converting Landing Page OR Optin Page

Written by Victor Kingsley

I will design a high quality converting squeeze page or landing page for your business. You will be needing one of this pages for a successful online marketing.

Many online business aspirants use to face difficulties while getting started. One of then is the technicalities involved in having a website or fixing a PHP errors and so on. I am here to help people like this to get started immediately without worrying about the know-hows and website design.

If you are going to embark in online marketing, you must have to face the need of building targeted email list. Also you will also face the need of having a landing page that presaling offers especially CPA offers. These two pages namely squeeze and landing pages is very important tool for a successful online business.


A landing page

It is a web page which sole purpose is to compel the visitor to take an action. As an internet marketer landing page is highly important. Well optimized landing pages can convert more than others, that is why it is highly advisable to test more than one landing with an offer and paid traffic. An example of a landing page can be seen below:
Demo 1
Demo 2

Squeeze/Optin page

This is web page that is solely created to collect visitor’s emails or other personal details. It is normally integrated with an autoresponder that sends follow up emails after the visitor must have subscribed through the opt in form. An example of a squeeze page can be seen below:
Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3

These two pages are highly necessary in online marketing in order to maximize profits. So if you need someone to design one for you contact me.

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