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Written by Victor Kingsley

Blogging is one of the best way of making passive income online. I use to regret not starting a blog on time, the earlier you start the better. As your blog age it’s authority increase which means more respect from google. Older blogs have higher ranking and more organic traffic which means more money.

Apart from the earning potential in blogging many enthusiast and newbie bloggers tend to misunderstand the concept of blogging. Many go into it expecting to become rich overnight with no plan and objective. After some months they will quit or lose hope because they are not getting traffic and money. Don’t make same mistake, blogging is very rewarding when you do it the right way and that is what I am about to teach you. The following questions are what you will have to ask yourself before setting out to buy a domain and hosting for a blog.

Why do I want to blog?
Before you start a blog this is the number one question you got to ask yourself. It is either you are blogging for money in the end or you are blogging for fun/hobby. If It is for fun/hobby then the rest of the questions won’t apply to you but if it is to make money then read on. Bloggers are supposed to be knowledgeable in their topic area, so your blog readers are expecting to learn a lot from you. You have to be passionate in the topic you are writing on and if possible be practicing it. The idea of blogging is to spread knowledge and solve problems for people. If you are having these qualities then the next question that comes up is..

Do people spend money in my niche?
A niche is a market or audience. It can also be a sub category of a parent category, for an example “watch” is a niche while “electronic watch” is a sub niche. You have to decide the niche you are passionate about and have knowledge on. The niche should or must have some amount of monthly searches on the google search engine. You can determine this by using the google keyword tool. If your niche is having less searches on the search engine you might want to take more time in planning. It is good to target sub niches because competitions are not too high compared to the parent niches. Also your blog will easily rank high on search engine result page for keywords related to your sub niche. Another important factor to consider while blogging for money is to determine if people do spend money on the niche. For example a blog for weight loss for new moms can easily make money for the owner because the blog’s visitors will be willing to buy weight loss products. If after checking these and you find out that your niche can be monetized with products then the next question is….

What problem am I solving?
Believe me you have to give out quality services for free first. When you solve people’s problem they will trust you and feel indebted to you. This will make them buy things from you when you offer products to them. If you are not trusted you will hardly get sales. So the focus while starting your blog should be, to give out quality contents and solutions. When you are doing this your blog becomes a lead generator where you capture interested emails for further marketing. Set your mind to helping out first and not to expect much income for at least a year, when done the next question is…

Where are my audience?
Who/Where are my audience? And Why are they there at the first place? Check if you can find your audience in online forums, Facebook groups, twitter/Instagram influencers and if other blogs are built around it. When you find where your niche audience are gathered it becomes easier to promote your articles to them. You can also network with existing bloggers in the same niche maybe for a guest post or sponsored ads. If there is no large audience for your niche then it might be difficult to make money in it. Facebook alone has thousands if not millions of groups so I think you need to research your audience using Facebook first.

What is my money making plan?
Blogging is like a business and normal business take years to build. The first few months you have to consistently add quality articles, these articles are what will give you consistent daily visitors in the long run. Your blog can get up to 60-80 thousand visitors daily in the first year if you add articles consistently. When your blog is having steady traffic the next thing is monetization. There are many ways of monetizing a blog namely through Amazon, Aliexpress, Adsense, CPA, sponsored ads, affiliate banners and so on. The best way in my opinion is to build email list. Building an email list will enable you promote any product you want at any time you want and still make money through it. The emails become your money making machine while your blog becomes the leads generator. You are totally free to use any method that suits you as long as you are making the money.

There you have it, every newbie blogger should plan very well and have an objective before embarking into blogging world. Also note that there are some skills you will need to learn to make you more effective, they include keyword research, SEO (search engine optimization) and little knowledge of social media marketing. Feel free to drop your questions via Facebook chat or comment box.

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