Best Web Traffic Source in 2018

Written by Victor Kingsley

In this article I will be showing you the best converting website traffic as of 2018 and beyond. These traffic sources are the best to focus on because they actually work.

Website traffic is a very big challenge faced by almost every newbie starting out online especially when there is no advertisement funds. A beautiful website without visitors is like a house without a tenant. You only make money when people visit your website. Also bear in mind that not all traffic is equal. The best traffic to your website are those looking for what are your offering. Targeted traffic is the best traffic, you should always focus on it, and getting it has been so challenging for many webmasters.

I will be making this article as simple as possible because I don’t like over loading my students with information which at the end leaves them lazy to get started. The best targeted traffic source are:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Search engine traffic will remain the best traffic source as long as search engines are in existence. Almost 85% of online properties are filled with content, every single minute thousands if not millions are searching for solutions and information.

This trend will never stop as long as internet stays in existence. So to tap into these billions of searches monthly it is mandatory you have a blog where you can write quality articles that can help someone solve their problems.

You will get organic traffic to your website when people search with the keywords related to your article. These organic traffic is the best source of traffic and it converts to sales easily. You can use content marketing/blogging method to promote anything online and make money passively.

PPC (Pay Per Click Advertisement)
The paid per click ad networks that I recommend are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bings, these networks will deliver the best traffic to your website based on some keywords and cost per click. It is for webmasters that have some advert budget and wants fast result. This traffic source can become expensive if the advertiser is not making profits from his campaigns. If you don’t have enough capital don’t use this method.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Social media is the fastest source of targeted traffic as of recent. I will recommend facebook, Instagram and twitter to start with. These websites can generate massive targeted visitors to your website. You can use their paid advertising platform to reach more people too if you have the funds. If you don’t have funds you can still get traffic by building your followers and interacting with groups and posts.


Video Marketing (Youtube)
If you haven’t used youtube then you are missing out big. A video you created maybe within 3 hours has a potential of generating thousands of visitors to your website. Youtube visitors convert so well for paid offers and eCommerce websites. You can also find related videos on youtube and comment on them with your website link, do not spam.

Forum Marketing
This method works very well too, you have to add your website url and description on your forum account signature. Then visit different topics and leave comments, you have to comment on many topics like hundreds of them in order to start seeing traffic. Join forums related to what you are doing and start commenting on topics. The comments should be in congruent with the original poster’s post. Never spam or you will get your account banned.

All these traffic generating methods will need time and energy before it works. There is no push button method that works without some work. You have to be determined and put in lots of unending efforts. You will see the reward as time goes on.

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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