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Blackhat Way To Make $5-$15 Daily With Admob

Blackhat Way To Make $5-$15 Daily With Admob
Written by Victor Kingsley

Disclaimer: This method is very unethical and I won’t be held responsible for any hassle or problem you get into while using this method. It involves tricking the admob advertising algorithm and making money from ads placed on your own android app. So if you are still interested in the method read on.

What is Admob:
It is a mobile advertising network that helps connect advertisers with mobile developers. It is owned by google and it has generated enormous income for both advertisers and developers. Google as the owner is also working clockwise to make sure fraudsters, hackers and unethical activities are not using the platform.

How to get an ad unit:
Ad unit is an ad code that is specifically made for your admob account. This ad unit is what generates you income when clicked on (CPC) or when viewed for 1000 times (CPM). You will have to sign up for an admob account in order to get the ad unit.

How to get paid via admob:
Admob is free to sign up with, they pay developers through wire transfer or check. The minimum payment threshold is $100. To make money with admob you ought to be a mobile application developer. Mobile application owners can integrate their apps with admob ad unit and share them to various mobile application stores. The more downloads and usage the app gets the more income the developer earn from admob. This is a kind of reward to developers for their hard work but not only developers can have an app. Anyone can hire an android/ios app developer to get an app done for them. It is that simple…

How to publish an app on google playstore:
Having your app on google playstore is the perfect way to passive recurring income. Google playstore will promote your app for you for free and get you massive downloads which makes you money through admob. Unfortunately having a google developers publishing account is not free. It will cost you $25 to get one which will enable you to publish unlimited apps. With this method you can also publish your app on free app stores just that google playstore is the most trusted platform for app downloads. Also if you don’t want to publish your app on playstore may be because of money, you can simply go ahead and install your app on your mobile phone.

The next section is on how to use blackhat way to make money with your app and admob.


How to make money with the app:
After you have developed an app and integrated your admob ad unit inside it, it is time to make money the blackhat way. Many might be asking what kind of app is required for this method. The answer is any kind of app is OK. It can be a simple torch light app or a picture sliding app. The main thing is to make sure that your admob ad unit is integrated correctly and it is displaying some ads in the app.
If you can’t get the application development done then you can contact me through the messenger chat icon. And note I won’t develop an android app for you for free, I will charge a little token for my time and knowledge.

After installing the app on your mobile phone the next is to download these VPN applications below. The VPN application will enable us bypass google’s click sense detecting robot. These VPN applications are tested and trusted with account suspension proof as of the time of writing this article. You can download it by clicking on the links below.

  1. ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN
  2. Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN


Precaution measures:
Your target is to make $5-$15 daily by clicking on the ads on your app using the VPN. You only click on the ads when the VPN has started running in the background. It is not advisable to become greedy and start clicking many times within short time frame. This will surely trigger the admob robot to suspend your account and the earnings inside it. You have to make it look natural by clicking and giving like an hour to 3 hours gap. You will have to click 5-7 times on your ad per day to earn $5-$15 in a day. The earnings per click depends on so many factors like the cost per click of the advertiser, the country where the click is coming from and so on.

That is it, if you will embark on this journey I wish you all the best. If you have any question feel free to contact me.

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