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Email Marketing – An Everlasting Online Business

Written by Victor Kingsley

This is an online business that never fail, people with huge email list can print money at any time.

Email marketing is a kind of online marketing where the sole objective is to collect emails of visitors that are interested in what you are offering. This is achieved by using a landing page normally called a squeeze page with an opt-in form. The system is also integrated with an autoresponder scheduled with series of emails.

An example of a squeeze page can be seen here. When a visitor subscribes to your list, it means they are interested in what you are offering. It also indicates that the visitors want to receive your emails on that topic. The subscribers are free to unsubscribe any time they want, maybe they feel they are not getting exactly what they thought or for any other reasons.

This is an online business that never fail, as an email marketer you ought to build relationship with your subscribers. If there is any training course you promised them, make sure you deliver and complete it. Make your subscribers to always want to click and read your emails by providing high quality information. It won’t be advisable to start selling to them immediately unless if you are collecting their emails to send them to an offer immediately.

The best method that has worked for me to is to offer a free training for example “graphics design” and then at the end of the training I will sell an ebook to them. I promote the squeeze page using offline ads, facebook ads, forum marketing etc. I schedule the emails with a  day interval leaving the tutorial to run like a month. Whenever a subscriber joins my list, he or she will receive the series of emails already set in my autoresponder.

My only work is to drive traffic to my squeeze page while the autoresponder does the selling for me on autopilot. After the one month training I offer them my ebook on how to make money online as a graphics designer. Many always buy from me because they already feel indebted, that is the psychology effect. The more subscribers I get the more income you I generate on that topic.

You can also make money with your list by charging other marketers for solo ads. Solo ads is a type of email marketing whereby you charge people to send their advert to your list. When you master this kind of marketing you can virtually promote any kind of product online.

To get started with email marketing there are pre-requisites and the foremost is an autoresponder. There are many autoresponder companies online and most of them are not free. The biggest challenge for people with less budget is the monthly autoresponder fee. The best in the industry is Aweber which charges $19 monthly after a month free trial. Others are Mailchimp, Getresponse and so on. The other pre-requisites are a landing page creator which you can get here,a domain name which you can get here and finally a hosting account which you can get here.

To be successful in this business you must have a plan, a well written series of emails, time and some funds. It is crucial you build trust and relationship with your subscribers, if possible offer them one on one chatting session for anyone that has doubts on what you are teaching. After a month you can then offer them a product. Broadcast the offer email to only subscribers that have finished the training period, don’t include the new subscribers still under training. Inside your autoresponder account you will easily find all the details you will need to manage subscribers.

There is a popular saying in the internet marketing community that “Money is in the List”, yeah that is true. Email marketing is not a set and forget kind of business, it takes time and investment. This is an online business that never fails, people with huge email list can print money at any time. If you want to venture into this online business these 3 factors are very necessary to bear in mind.

  • You have to have a business plan
  • You need to map out some marketing funds
  • You have to build trust with your list

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