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Get A Free Blog Design with Instant Google AdSense Approval

Written by Victor Kingsley

You will get a free blog designed according to google search engine guidelines with which you can apply for google AdSense and get approved immediately

I use to see many myths online surrounding Google AdSense program. Many do’s and the don’ts you will hear from so called webmasters which apparently they are not even sure of. Many webmasters are just repeating what they saw online and not what they really experimented. One of these myths is that Google doesn’t approve AdSense for a blog less than a month. But just last month I helped four of my friends get an AdSense account with their one month blog. Another myth is that the blog must be having steady flow of visitors before google can approve you. That is also a lie because I recently got an AdSense account with zero traffic blog. These falsehoods are carried around and spread by webmasters that really don’t know what they are doing or even experimenting things by themselves.

The truth of the matter is that google has an algorithm and parameters for approving any blog. If your blog doesn’t by pass these algorithms no matter the age or traffic you will never get an AdSense account. Many webmasters design websites to make it beautiful and attractive to human eyes and then forgetting that Google’s crawlers don’t interpret websites like human eyes. These crawlers sends and interpret data for the algorithms to approve your blog for AdSense.

Recently I have helped more than 20 of my clients to get an AdSense account free of charge and so I decided to extend it to the public. This is a way to help new webmasters or intending blog owners earn some money from their hard work. So I am offering a blog designed in a way to bypass Google’s checking algorithm which guarantees you an AdSense approved account. This will be only possible if you follow the guidelines and do your own home work.

This service is for people newly starting out in the blogging journey and want to buy a new domain and webhosting. With a domain and hosting you can start any online business of your choice like blogging, promoting amazon products (amazon affiliate marketing), service website and so on. Here I will only help you with a free blog design using a premium theme worth $56 and then help you get AdSense approved account.

After I designed the blog, you will have to write at least 30 unique articles, the article length doesn’t matter but make it a mixture of more than 350 and 600 words. Each article should have a featured image which is published with the article on the blog. This is the only task you need to do and if you can get it done within a month then you will have an approved AdSense account that same month.  You don’t need any traffic, SEO or aged blog with my method. I will guide you for a month till you learn how to edit and publish an article on your blog.

This offer won’t last for long so if you are interested simply click on the Facebook messenger chat icon by the bottom right of this blog and send me a message. I am mostly online to help you get started.

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