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How I Create A Niche Targeted Instagram Account Followers

Written by Victor Kingsley

If you are not using Instagram for your business, you are really missing out on high quality converting traffic. I will show you how to create and build a niche targeted instagram followers in this article.

Instagram is one of the most visited social media websites in the world today. As an internet marketer it is necessary to tap into this huge traffic source. I use Instagram to promote CPA and affiliate offers and they convert very well.

To get started with Instagram you have to choose a niche (market) first and then sign up with a username having that niche in it. Log in and add some information to the profile and don’t forget to add your website URL. The website URL is very important because that is the only way to send traffic out from Instagram. When done with the profile settings the next is to follow users that are interested in your niche.

Instagram is the most converting social media network after facebook when it comes to getting sales. Its’ followers can be very difficult to build, a widely accepted strategy is to, first, like posts with precisely targeted hashtags, and second, follow users related to your interests, and finally, unfollow them if they don’t follow you back.

To find targeted followers search using #niche keyword, some users will be shown in the result page. Find users with high number of followers and follow the followers. Get like 10 users with high followers in your niche and follow their followers randomly.

From the screenshot below you can see that this user added his website into his profile details. When any one checks his bio they will see the short compelling text and then the website url. The more active the user is on instagram the more visitors he will get to his website url.



Instagram do have some limits and they don’t allow aggressive usage of their features. They will ban your account if found violating their terms. They currently allow following 100 accounts every 1 hour, approximately 1000-1200 per day. Unfollowing 175 accounts every hour, approximately 1750-2000 per day. It is advisable to slowly use the Instagram features after creating a new account, to be on a safer side grow your accounts this way so that it can last longer.

Day 1 – 50 likes max
Day 2 – Rest
Day 3 – 50 follows
Day 4 – Profile the account and add links
Day 5 – 300-350 follows
Day 6 – 400-450
Day 7 – 450-500

Unfollow users that are not following you after 5 days. These process can be very time consuming and boring that is why you need to use a software to automate the process. This software will grow your instagram account on autopilot even as you sleep. With huge Instagram account you can make money from paid shout outs, promoting products or putting it for sale. Get this instagram automation software today and start making money growing instagram accounts for clients. You can also try this free instagram automation software here

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