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How I make $10 Daily With Android Apps And Admob

How to make money with Admob
Written by Victor Kingsley

This is a passive online income method that will definitely make you some money. You are required to put in some effort and persistence.

This method is little bit technical since it involves few changes and understanding in the code but it is something you can do if you dedicate some time.

In this method you will be making money when people download and use your android app, the app will have your admob ad inside it, here is a demo download and install. For this method you will be needing:

  • Admob account (free)
  • Android ebook App template
  • ADT (android development tool)
  • Playstore publisher account (cost $25)

It is an ad network owned by google, basically used for monetizing mobile apps. It is similar to adsense, the only difference is that it works for mobile apps while adsense works for websites. We will be making money by adding the admob ad unit into our android app and publishing it on playstore. I will show you how to create the android app even if you don’t know anything on programming. When people download this app and use it, you will make money. The more app downloads you get the more money you earn. Admob is free to join and they pay directly to your bank account.


Android Ebook App Template
We will be creating informational android app also known as Info apps. These apps are just ebooks that downloaders can read. You can virtually create info apps for all niches but I have made most money with these 3 niche below.

  • Make money
  • Lose weight
  • Acne cure

Try as much as possible to create info app for other niche so that you can stand out from the competition. You can get free thousands of private label rights ebook here which you can easily convert to your info app. Download the ebook app template here.


ADT (Android development tool)
The android app template was built with ADT which was the old IDE (integrated development environment) for developing android apps before Android studio took over. It will help you customize, modify and export a new signed custom app ready for publishing in playstore. You can download ADT here.


Playstore Publisher Account
Play store is the next big search engine after google and YouTube. The traffic here is tremendous and converts even if you will use the app to promote affiliate products. To get a google publisher account you will have to pay onetime fee of $25 which allows you to publish unlimited apps. I recommend you publish up to 10 apps for a start, downloads will increase gradually.


How to Get Started
Download the ADT software and the android ebook template, then unzip/unpack them into a folder. You will find a help documentation folder inside the android ebook folder which will guide you on customizing the app using ADT.

You will have to convert your ebook/pdf to html so that the app can easily display it. You don’t need advanced knowledge of html only the basics is enough to get it done. The help documentation will show you all you have to do to get the perfect custom ebook app of your choice.

Playstore will request some graphics while publishing the app so you will need to create some graphics for your app. You can easily get it done using photoshop or you hire a graphics guy.

Don’t expect $10 daily immediately after publishing your apps, it will take some days or months depending on how popular your apps will be. Monitor your app’s performance and modify any app’s description that is not getting you downloads.

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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