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How I make $3000 Monthly With Clickbank

Written by Victor Kingsley

Learn How to make your first $3000 per month promoting Clickbank products

I assume that you have a Clickbank account and so I will proceed with the guide. If you don’t have you can sign up here. Clickbank is an Affiliate network, they will send you check monthly from the commissions you generated when you get buyers to their merchant’s products. You will get commissions on each sale you make through your affiliate link, the commission differs from each product.

The best way to promote Clickbank products is through blogging, content and SEO but if you have some funds and want fast result then paid ads is the best way to go. You can easily make your first $100 per day to $3000 per month with this method.

Log into your Clickbank account, click on the marketplace on the top menu to browse for products to promote. There are thousands of products and categories to choose from, for this guide I will be promoting a health and fitness product. The product name is called Organifi and they provide promotional resources for their affiliates here 

While researching on the product to promote, make sure the Gravity rating is more than 50, it’s commission per sale should be more than $30.

When done with product research and you finally got a product to promote click on the promote button and copy your affiliate link down. Now head over to this ad network to create an ad campaign.

Sign up for an account and login then click on Create a new campaign give it any name of your choice. You will be faced with 4 tabs required to complete the ad campaign.

  • Targeting
  • Ad creatives
  • Landing page
  • Bid and budget

For campaign targeting, select the countries you want to target. USA, England and Canada converts the most then select the market that fits the product you want to promote. Add 20 keywords related to the offer you are promoting and click continue.

Ad creatives setting can allow you create text and banner ads. Some products do have promotional resources like banners you can upload and use straight away. Otherwise to stand out from the crowd you should create your own banner using an online graphics tool here canva. Gif, Jpg and png formats are allowed also be mindful of the size limit, when done click continue.

Landing page is where you add the affiliate link or any URL you want to send the traffic to. It can be either your landing page, a squeeze page or affiliate link. It is also recommended to track with 3rd party tools like voluum in order to ascertain where your clicks are coming from. Doing so will enable you to target the specific websites, you can learn more on tracking if you want, it is optional.

Bid and Budget is the most important section in the campaign settings. Your bidding will affect the number of visitors that comes to your website. The higher the bid the more the visitors. I suggest you start small and gradually increase as you monitor the traffic performance. The daily budget is the amount you are willing to spend per day, once it is met the campaign will stop running for the day.


Cost per action (CPA Bidding) is the newest bidding method that makes me the most of the income. Here you only pay when a traffic converts that is when someone successfully purchase the product you are promoting. You won’t be charged for visitors that didn’t complete the action which is successful payment.

This is definitely the money making feature many ad networks out there aren’t having for advertisers. This is what makes this ad network stand out. Imagine you are promoting a product with $50 commission and your CPA bid is $5 with daily budget of $10. Then it means that you must make 2 sales per day for the budget to be met, that is $100 per day with $90 return on investment.

CPA Bidding Setup

Contact the owner of the product you are promoting through email. Their contact details can be easily found on their website or promotional resources page. Request him to add your CPA tracking code on the product’s Thank You page, tell him that you are running a CPA ad campaign and you want to be charged only when a visitor buys the product and redirected to the order confirmation page. They will always agree to add the code if not look for another product.


Minimum funding is $30 with credit card payment method. Your campaign will be approved immediately and you will start seeing traffic to your links if the bidding is correctly set. Sign up for an account here.

Now go take action!!

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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