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How I Make Passive Income With Adult Tube Website

make passive income with adult tube website
Written by Victor Kingsley

Adult tube site will enable you make passive income while you spend your time building more of this sites. The more adult tube sites you have the more your daily income. Visit to get one built for you at a lower rate.

Many are not aware that half of the internet is filled with adult content. The adult industry is an evergreen money making niche, it can never be saturated. I have being online for years but I just started my adult niche journey late last year. It was just like a trial and whoa I was amazed. I am the type of guy that feels lazy to write content or promote my sites daily so I kind of felt comfortable with this type of money making sites. In this article I will explain everything you need to know about making money with adult tube website.

What is Adult Tube Site
Adult tube sites can be a niche specific or mainstream websites in which adult videos are imported from top porn websites like Xvideo, Redtube and so on. The website can be created using wordpress or an adult web script. The adult videos are just embedded on the tube site and so they are not hosted on your server. Adult tube site don’t require articles or SEO, once you set it up and import the amount of videos you want, you are done with it. The website automatically becomes a money making machine for you. The traffic increases day after day and visitors stay longer on your website due to the videos. You can create hundreds of this adult tube sites within short time to compound your daily income.

How Do I Make Money With It
Adult tube site can easily make you money compared to an adsense monetized website. An adsense monetized website will earn $5 with 3000+ visitors while an adult tube website can earn same amount with just 5 visitors. To monetize an adult tube website I use adult CPA offers, pop-unders and display ads. The CPA network I use pay $1+ for a simple email/zip submit. Some offers pay more than $5 on successful web registration. You don’t need huge traffic to start making money with an adult tube website.

How Do I Promote It
Your visitors will always return to watch new videos on your adult tube website. You can easily schedule video imports daily/weekly/monthly. You don’t really need huge traffic but if you want to turbo charge your adult tube site here is a guide I wrote on how to promote an adult tube website.

How Do I Get Started
There are many scripts out there that you can use to create your own tube site. Just do a google search and you will find more about them. Here are few of them:
Adult Video Script
I know the cost of these scripts are high for beginners that is why I recommend using this service here.  They will build an adult tube website that looks like this.  Again remember not all web hosting allow adult tube website. Never make mistake of hosting your adult tube website on a web host that doesn’t support adult content. You will lose your business and get your account terminated. Read my article here to learn web hosts that allow adult content.

How Do I Withdraw My Earnings
The CPA network I use have many payment method namely: bank wire transfer, payoneer, paypal, check and so on. You will be paid via any method that suites you.

This is really a great way to earn passive income online, the adult industry will never be saturated. So go take action now.

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