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How I Send Bulk Messages On Whatsapp – Whatsapp Marketing

Written by Victor Kingsley

This is another innovative way I use to get leads using whatsapp and I will be sharing this secret here. I don’t have to explain what whatsapp is because am sure out of your 5 friends, 3-4 are already using whatsapp. Whatsapp marketing is the future but the company is so strict that they have zero tolerance to spam or violent messages. Whatsapp is heavily monitored due to security issues in the world as of now. These tight surveillance on the app has prevented most people from marketing on it.

As of 2018 the only way to send bulk messages on whatsapp is via broadcast feature, this will allow you to send a broadcast message to all people who have your number in their contact. The other way is to send your message manually to all contacts in your phone which might not be logical considering the offer you want to promote. So how the hell do I send bulk messages on whatsapp then?

Here is the deal, to use my method you have to bear in mind that you might be breaking whatsapp terms and condition and am not responsible for any hassle for misusing this information.

To get started I will advise you to buy a new sim card for sole purpose of whatsapp marketing. Next is to install bluestack android emulator on your pc, this software emulates an android operating system which will allow you to install and use whatsapp on your PC. After installing bluestock, download whatsapp from google playstore and set it up using the new sim. At this point the stage is set and your whatsapp marketing platform is ready.

The next challenge is the contacts to be sending bulk messages to. These contacts can be from your country, state or city depending on the target market you want to promote to. I only use this whatsapp marketing strategy for people in my country and I created a software that generates my country’s mobile numbers.

I believe you should be able to get bulk mobile numbers of your country or if possible you buy it. Most bulk sms companies sell these bulk numbers so you might have to buy from them. Another option is to use software that generates bulk numbers for your country (this should be the last option since these software are not accurate)

With your bulk numbers and whatsapp marketing platform, the next challenge is how to know the mobile numbers that are active on whatsapp from the database. The goal is to send messages to people that are active on whatsapp and not just having bulk gsm contact database. So you will have to filter the database, the filter service will help you have only numbers active on whatsapp. After filtering your database you will then be perfectly set for whatapp marketing. I use this company for all my whatsapp filter service and fortunately I am the founder.

Whatsapp monitors contents and once the bot suspect any abnormal usage it will permanently block the account and the mobile number attached to the account. So you have to be very careful while sending advert message and never overdo any activity. The best practice is not to send same text content to more than 10 contacts within 30 minutes.

I suggest you use am image that have your message on it for example a picture that has “Will you like to learn digital marketing?” and if the recipient replies, then you can go in fully with normal chatting. Send the promotional picture to not more than 20 contacts within 30 minutes, this strategy will keep your sim safe from getting banned while you get leads and prospects which might eventually convert to sales.

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