How To Increase Your Website Speed and get Good Rating on Google Pagespeed Insight

Written by Victor Kingsley

You will learn how to easily and effectively increase your wordpress website speed also also achieve GOOD rating on Google Pagespeed Insight

Page speed is the time it takes to load a website, it is an important determinant for a good ranking on search engine. It is also very important when it comes to user experience, no user will like to browse a slow loading website. It is a turn off.
Many website owners don’t check their website page speed, maybe they are unaware of its importance. To check your website speed there are many free tools out there. I mainly use google page speed insight tool to check mine. You can access the tool here. You can go ahead and analyze your website now and see the result.

If you analyse your website and it shows you POOR rating as seen below then you will have to work on it.

Page speed is one of the on-page search engine optimization routines. It will make your website load fast when visitors browse it which in turn increase leads and conversions. Google also rewards fast loading websites and will serve them first in the search result.

I will be showing you how I increased the page-speed of all the websites that I have designed. This method is for WordPress websites only, so you will be needing the following:

Fast Web Host:
Actually not all web hosting companies are fast, choosing a fast web hosting is the number one factor to achieving a good page-speed rating. Never use free hosting for your important websites and always research on the hosting company before buying.


WP Smush It:
Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin will reduce the size of all the images on your website thereby making your website load faster. Install and activate the plugin, you will locate the settings under the Media tab. Click on the bulk smush button and all your images will be smushed. Also make sure that the automatic image smush checkbox is checked. This will enable all your subsequent images smushed immediately after uploading.



WP Fastest Cache:
This is the caching plugin I use for all my websites and it is the best for me. I know there are other popular caching plugins out there, this is what I use and what I will recommend for newbies. Uninstall any other caching plugin you already have and install this one. The setting is as below:

Follow the second screen shot below and check the check-boxes as seen in the image. When you check the Preload option, this screenshot below will pop up, set it as it is in the picture and click OK..

Below is the settings for wp fastest cache which increases your blog’s page speed.

WP Optimize:
This plugin will delete all unwanted tables and records in your website database. Install and activate it and then scroll down and locate the tab as seen on the screen shot below.

After installing these plugins and setting them you can now re-check your website again on google page-speed tool. You can see from the screen shot below that I was able to get the GOOD grade, previously it was POOR grade. That is how effective this optimization is, try it on your blog today and achieve faster page speed.

If you run into any challenge or your website page speed rating is not showing GOOD grade after using this method, then chat me up.

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