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How To Make Money With Seoclerk Store

Written by Victor Kingsley

This is another passive way any newbie can use to make money online. This method works very well and you can easily make daily income with it when you put in some time daily.

Seoclerk is a cheap SEO freelancing website just like Fiverr where you can get the cheapest SEO services online. Many webmasters prefer this website to Fiverr when it comes to SEO services which makes it a good partner for long term business. There are many ways to make money with Seoclerk, you can either sell a service, or buy a cheaper service and resale at another freelancing website. You can also complete job offers for other users.

I personally like making passive income online and that is why I prefer working with their affiliate program. Seoclerk will pay you 10% commission on any service someone you referred to their website purchase. It is a lifetime recurring commission if someone you referred spend on any service at any time.

Why Affiliate Store?

There are thousands of webmasters, blog owners, website owners and so on looking for SEO solutions daily online. This market is evergreen and huge, the earning potential is endless. Most of these website owners want to get organic traffic to their website, majority wants to increase their website traffic. This SEO market will never get saturated as long as many businesses are steadily coming online. So having this Seoclerk affiliate store will enable you get some share of the huge amount going into SEO services daily.

When you have an affiliate store you won’t need to be writing articles, you just set it up once and then it makes you money on autopilot. You can also sale the store on Flippa or render the service at Fiverr

To see how the affiliate store looks like click on Demo, below is a screenshot of how the store looks.


So How Do I Start

To get started you have to signup with Seoclerk, it is free to join. Log in after registration and click on your username at the top right hand side, click on balance from the drop down. When the page loads click the Affiliate Sales tab and scroll down the page to copy down your affiliate link.

Next is to buy a domain on which you will build your Affiliate store. It will be nice if the SEO keyword is prefixed or suffixed to your domain. I normally use these two tools namely Leandomainsearch and Namecheckr for my domain research. I also buy all my domains at cheap price here.When done with purchasing a domain the next is to buy a hosting plan.


Buying Web Hosting

I recommend Ipage hosting, they will give you a free domain when you sign up with them and also allow you to host unlimited domains in your account. Their hosting fee starts from $1.99 if you will be paying for more than 2 years duration, you will also get $450 worth of Advertisement coupons free. Click here now to get discounted web hosting from Ipage
Click on the get started button, then enter the domain name you want to create the store on. If you already have a domain from another registrar you can also use it by checking the radio button “I plan to use a domain I already own”

The next page will come up with some form which is required for creating a new Ipage hosting account. Select the 12 months, 2 or 3 years hosting plan and disable all the add-ons that are checked.

Ipage will give you free marketing credits worth $450 which include Google and Bings ad coupon and so on. Make sure you un-check domain privacy, all the checked add-ons under the frequently bought together add-on and Website Essentials add-ons too. The total cost should be as seen below if you are going for a year plan, so go ahead and complete the payment with either credit card or Paypal.

How To Build Your Store

This is the easiest part, just buy the script here and upload to your domain web folder using any ftp program. The script comes with installation guide and with it you can create unlimited seoclerk affiliate stores. Buy the script here.

How To Promote Your Store

Promote Using My Facebook Free Method
Promote Using My Niche Targeted Twitter Account Method

Promote Using My IFTT Method
Promote Using My Niche Targeted Instagram Account Method

Best way that has worked for me is Forum marketing, whereby you comment on a post regarding digital marketing, online business and website stuffs in general. Join forums that have Webmaster/Online marketing category, familiarize yourself with how things work there. Add your store link in your profile signature or bio info and then start commenting on threads. Make sure your posts are congruent with the topic and never spam, spamming will get your account banned.

You will start seeing clicks on your link from day 1 you started using forum marketing, it is so effective and will make you so much money if consistent.

Below is my earning screenshot

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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