I Will Migrate Your Blog to AWS Lightsail VPS

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Written by Victor Kingsley

I have seen many bloggers complaining of their website high downtime rate or that their blog is being attacked by hackers. Some also complain that their wordpress websites hosted on shared hosting always go down due to too much requests/queries executed on it.

Some have also said that their website goes down when too much visitors visit their blog (am not talking of DOS attack). All these problems can be solved if those blogs were hosted on a virtual private server (VPS). VPS hosting can be on the high side for starters and that is why I am introducing Amazon AWS Lightsail VPS which is an affordable VPS hosting online.

AWS lightsail is a new VPS hosting plan from Amazon which allows anyone to use their cloud server on pay per month plans. It is the best solution for anyone that wants to start small and expand with time on a VPS hosting. It is a  very fast, secured and easily upgradable hosting. They have Linux and Windows VPS plans with one month free trial.


AWS lightsail is a command prompt terminal user interface which is not friendly for non tech guys. It can be challenging for some people to install or migrate their existing wordpress website to this platform. This is where I come in, will migrate your existing wordpress website to AWS lightsail VPS hosting. You will also have an option of adding SSL certificate to your website “HTTPS” if you want.

Contact me if you will like me to migrate your website to AWS lightsail VPS hosting.

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