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Make money with sharecash
Written by Victor Kingsley

This method works very well if you put in the effort persistently, this is for newbies starting the make money online journey with little funds.

We will be working with which is the best PPD (pay per download) network online. Sharecash uses file content locking system to force downloaders to complete a survey before unlocking the download link. A successful download occurs only when a unique IP downloads the file, they have good monitoring bot that checks and detects fraud and copyright issues. They are reputable and will always pay you on time, below is their statistics.

You make money when someone downloads your file hosted with them. They will pay you from $1 to $20 per single download, so if you can get 10 downloads daily you will be making $10 per day.

Register an account here and log in. Next challenge will be the kind of file you can upload. Sharecash don’t allow adult and copyrighted stuffs, I will advise you to come up with unique file upload ideas, doing that will help you stay afloat saturation and make more money due to less competition. Take out time to think and plan on what file people will download without getting irritated by the survey that pops up.

When you finally get at least 10 files to upload then log in to your sharecash account and upload those files. I suggest you start with 10 files. Copy out the links which you can get by navigating as seen in the screenshot below.

How to promote the links

Content marketing has always being the best, whereby you write about a solution to people’s problem with a link to download the solution. Most online users are always searching for a solution so they won’t mind to complete a survey to get their problem solved.

Another method is Youtube video marketing. Record a video using Camtasia or any PC recording software and then upload it on youtube. Make sure in your video description that you explain briefly what the video does and then add your sharecash link. You can use or tinyurl to shorten and mask the URL. You might feel lazy to do this but I promise you it works, you only have to record the video once and it will keep on making money for you even after years.

My Sharecash method 1

I am into software niche, (I have private label rights to the software or resell rights. Download hundreds of PLR files here for free) so I started with 10 software that have high monthly search rate. I use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out the search volume. You can also use cracked version software for this as far as it is working well (make sure it is not a popular brand software company). I then record a screen video while using the software and publish on Youtube. You will need to write a good catchy title and then good description and make sure the video title is renamed properly before uploading it on youtube. Here is an example of one of my file

Download free email extractor

The software helps you extract emails from websites and search engine.

When done publishing the video you will start getting views gradually, while waiting for the views, you can search for similar videos on youtube and comment on them with your link. It might take some days to set up but it worth it, the 10 videos will make you money while you sleep. The more files and videos you create the more money you make. If your videos are not getting views then you have to modify the title, description and tags.

My method 2

This method is kind of arbitrage, you pay people to download your files. Sharecash pays $1+ per successful download so if you pay $0.5 to get it done you are still in profit. When you spend $25 you will earn a profit of $25 or more. This method works very well for me just that it requires some capital but it is very effective. You can easily find people willingly to complete 10 downloads via your link for $5 on

Join one of them and create a file download job. Sharecash pays every month and below is their payment methods

Earnings screenshot


That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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