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Make $100 Daily As A Social Media Promoter

Written by Victor Kingsley

To make money online you need to give out/render a product/service first and if you do it well money will keep on coming back to you. Many of my website visitors use to chat me up asking me how they can make money online. I think the question should be what service do I have that can make me money online. If you have solution to people’s problem they will simply pay you in exchange for the solution. Anything different from this becomes a fraud or scam which is very bad to indulge in.
I will be sharing with you my old technique I used to make money 4 years ago which is still bustling. This guide will make you become an all-round social media promoter, you will eventually have a service to render online.

Since the introduction of social media, many profession, businesses and services has sprung up such as social media manager, digital marketing and so on. Many social media users are always looking for ways to increase their fans, followers, likes, subscribers and so on. The demand is so much that it is greater than the providers. This industry gap is not going to stop in the nearest future.

Recently Youtube introduced the 1000 subscribers’ mandatory rule for vloggers that wants to monetize their videos. Since then Youtube subscribers has become the hottest selling social media service online. Imagine if you are providing this service now and selling 1000 Youtube subscribers for a mere $20. Just 5 clients you need to make $100 and the demand is in millions. Now your question will be how is this done.

Introducing Addmefast, this website has being online for about 6 years now, they are the no.1 social media exchange platform online. They have point based system which you can earn by liking/following other people or by purchasing the points. To earn free points on Addmefast you first have to sign up for an account which is free. When you log in then you can create a marketing accounts on any of the following social media websites below and log in to it.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

When you follow/like other people on the platform you will earn some points, also you are entitled of 500 daily free points when you follow/like 75 people. This process can be very tasking considering the time and energy it takes to sit down clicking on some buttons the whole day. Buying the points would have being a good idea but they are costly considering the amount your clients will be willing to pay and what your competitors are selling. Meanwhile here is a screenshot of Addmefast points costs.

To take advantage of the free points system here is a bot that increase your points even while you sleep. Theaddmefast bot is the only consistent Addmefast bot online and it works like a charm. To use the bot you will need to add all your social media account profiles with which it will use to earn you maximum points. You set it and it does the work, you don’t need to sit in front of your laptop clicking on buttons. It can generate around 2,500 points in an hour and 40,000+ points daily. In the screenshot above you can see that Addmefast is selling 40,000 points around $150, so even if you decide to be selling only the accounts you will be making steady income. You can always create new Addmefast account with free emails out there.

The bot runs on different payment plan which includes monthly, quarterly, yearly and lifetime. I will advice you to start with the monthly plan which is just $29, you will be able to recover this money within a week.


Where to get buyers
There are many facebook groups where members are looking for Instagram followers or Youtube subscribers. There are also many forums where many members are looking for these services. I won’t advice you to sell it on fiverr and seoclerk because they have signed an agreement with social media companies not to allow gigs like this. Nevertheless there are some fiverr alternatives out there that still allow it, so research and join these websites and groups.


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