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Make $50 + Daily With CPAlead And PopsAd

Written by Victor Kingsley

This guide will help you get started on making money with CPA marketing. We will be using CPAlead a CPA network that specialize in content locking and Popsads an ad network that specialize in pop under ads.

I will be showing you how I make consistent income promoting CPA offers using CPAlead network. CPA stands for cost per acquisition or cost per action whereby an advertiser pays a publisher some amount based on some actions generated from the publisher’s traffic.

The actions might include an app install, zip submit, email submit, surveys, free registration and so on. To get these CPA offers you must join a reputable paying network, don’t waste your time and energy with a network that is not paying.

I joined CPAlead in 2014 and have made some good amount with it. I will be showing you how I promote my CPA offers. For this guide I already assumed that you have a CPAlead account if not you can click here to sign up as a publisher. If they ask you how you will be promoting the offers just tell them that you will be using your blog to promote it.

Log into your account and browse the Pay Per Click Niches, there you will see many niches that you can start promoting immediately.

What is a Niche?
When you share a niche url, the Niche will require people to interact with a survey in order to access the content promised on it. The niche content is always locked and it can be a game cheat, help guide, software and so on. Niche links can be promoted generally because it is already configured to detect visitor’s device and country. The network will then serve the best CPA offers available for them.


How To Earn with Niches
When you promote a niche and your visitors complete the surveys on it, you earn some money. Some niches are easy to convert when promoted to the right audience for example I am promoting Instagram Free Followers niche. You can visit this link to see how it works. I promote this link on Instagram and I make money when they complete the survey on the page since they want to get free followers.

When you get the niche url it is advisable you buy a cheap .xyz domain which costs $1 and redirect it to your niche url. Buy your domains here at cheaper rate.


How To Promote A Niche

Promote Using My Facebook Free Method
Promote Using My Niche Targeted Twitter Account Method

Promote Using My IFTT Method
Promote Using My Niche Targeted Instagram Account Method

A niche has an offer landing page that compels the visitors to take action before they can get the offer. It is built in a way to match CPA offers to any type of traffic and device. So you won’t have to worry about device and geo targeting settings. Grab the link of the niche of your interest and head over to popads.

What is Popsads - The Best Popunder Adnetwork
It is an Ad Network that specializes in pop under. With popads you can drive massive cheap traffic to any CPA offer. You can get 1000 pop under ads for $5 and with proper optimization you can get a positive return on investment.

How does Popunder Ads Work
Whenever a visitor visit a website that is in partnership with Popsads network and also if the visitor meets your campaign target requirements, your URL will load behind the current page the visitor is on . The visitors will only see your CPA offer page when they close the current page they are on.

Creating a Popsads Campaign
This is the most important part of the whole process, with 5 good converting campaigns on popsads you can easily make more than $50 daily. The campaign objective sometimes starts with the offers’ target description, some CPA offers are meant for only a specific country, device and so on. But with Niche CPA offers we will only have to worry about few targeting measures.

I recommend you have an ad budget of $100 while getting started. Log into your CPAlead account and find a niche you would like to promote. Login into your popsads account, make sure you add some funds and click on New Campaign.

The process is quite intuitive and easy, the main sections to be diligent on are the category, country targeting, device targeting, environment targeting, connection targeting.

I normally run a $5 per day test campaign that targets all countries, with other sections optimized to fit with the offer that I am promoting. From the test campaign I will get a clue of the converting countries. It is mandatory to run a test campaign with different targeting settings. That is the only way to succeed, when you get some clues on the converting details you can easily create a a new campaign on it.

Again the major settings worthy of experimenting on are the category, device, environment and connection targeting. These are very important aspect of the campaign success. To boost your morale here is my cpalead earnings screenshot below so go take action.

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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