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Make Money With IFTT And Twitter

Written by Victor Kingsley

How to make money using twitter and iftt to promote cpa and affiliate products.

You can use this strategy to promote any offer or drive targeted traffic to any website. To get started you will need to create the following accounts.

You will have to create a new twitter account with the username related to the niche you want to promote offers on. For this article I will be using adult niche that is NSFW (not safe for work). Log into the new account and complete the profile information, add the profile image and wall image. Make sure you add a compelling description with your URL and also add your website URL in the space provided. When done move on to registering an account with reddit.

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text and image. Create an account and browse for subreddits related to your niche or offer you want to promote. For this article I will be using the “nsfw” subreddit.

If this then that is an automation website that helps users to trigger actions when certain parameters are met. For an example I can use IFTT to automate blog posts sharing to my facebook page by creating an applet for it. The applet will be configured such as when a new post is made then share it on facebook. The applet will automate the sharing of every new post to my facebook page when turned on. It can be used to automate house appliances even turning on and off the TV, social media activities and so on.

Sign up an account with IFTT and log in, click on services and link your IFTT account with your twitter account  then click on create new applet and follow the screenshots below

Type in Reddit because we want to be pulling content from reddit’s subreddit to our twitter account, so our service becomes the Reddit platform.

Our trigger fires only when new post becomes one of the hottest posts in the subreddit we will specify soon.

To complete the trigger we need to add the subreddit where the service will be getting the hot post from. This is where you can add any subreddit related to your niche. I will be using nsfw subreddit for an example, subreddits can be seen when you log into your reddit account and make a search with your nich keyword. Subreddits are  like category where users post related contents.

Click on create trigger to complete the IF criteria so the next step is to set the THAT section

We will be using twitter as the service because we want to be tweeting the hot posts from reddit to our new twitter account.

The action is to post a tweet with image, you can also select post a tweet only. Post a tweet with image works best for adult niche

This will be the tweet structure, after the title add your website URL and then your niche hashtag. You can add more than one hashtag to increase exposure, also remember tweet character limit.

Create the action and turn the applet on and that is it. All you have to do is to continuously increase the twitter followers by using the method I described here. The more followers the more traffic to your website, IFTT will be posting tweets in your account which gets your URL more visitors on autopilot.

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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