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Make Money With Video Autoblog

Written by Victor Kingsley

Having a niche video autoblog is a passive way of making some online income. You will only have to set it up once and it will get SEO traffic on autopilot for you.

I always like working with methods that will make me money passively. Back in those days around 2003 auto blog was a very fast way to make money with affiliate marketing. Anyone can easily buy an auto blogging plugin which builds an autoblog that is search engine optimized. These autoblogs were able to suck in traffic from google then which made so much money for affiliate marketers. That era is gone, Auto blogging is now obsolete, try it now and get your website penalized from the search engine.Although auto blogs are no more feasible fortunately video auto blogs are still effective.

What is a Video Auto Blog

Just like autoblogs that does article curation, video autoblogs does same using videos. Videos are more engaging than articles, that is the reason why Youtube became the 2nd search engine in the world. Videos are powerful and can easily go viral than an article. So video autoblogs is a niche video blog that has all it’s video content from different source.

Why Do I Need It

A video auto blog will get traffic from search engines and social media without much promotion. When you have a video autoblog that gets steady traffic you can make passive income promoting different products. A video autoblog is very easy to maintain and no promotion or seo is required.

How Do I Build a Video Blog

The easiest way to build a video autoblog is by using Covert Video Press, it is a wordpress tube theme and plugin that allows you to build unlimited highly optimized video tube websites. It integrates with youtube, vimeo, metacafe etc. With this plugin you can easily fill your website with similar videos without having to record a single video yourself.

How Do I Make Money With It

The theme has support for adsense and Amazon associates ads. You can always decide how to make money from the traffic coming to your website. You can use CPA or use any other ad network to monetize it. The best for me has always being Amazon associates ads because most of my video autoblogs are on reviews niche.

How Do I Get Traffic

Promote Using My Facebook Free Method
Promote Using My Niche Targeted Twitter Account Method

Promote Using My IFTT Method
Promote Using My Niche Targeted Instagram Account Method

My traffic is mostly from google search engine and the rest from social media. The theme has an integrated SEO plugin that helps your website get visitors from search engine. It also has a facebook share button on each video page that enables visitors to share the video on their facebook walls or page.

Here is the demo website and some screenshots below

The screenshot below shows how I monetized the blog with amazon offers, any visitor that buys anything on amazon from my website will earn me some commissions.

The screenshot below is a facebook like pop up that appears whenever a visitor is about to leave your website. This pop up enables you to grow your website traffic on autopilot when visitors like and share your facebook page.

The screenshot below shows two social media sharing buttons which helps your website get more traffic when your visitors share the video on their social media account.

So How Do I Start

I will recommend you start with video autoblogs on reviews, there are thousands of review videos on youtube you can leverage on. Get a domain name that has a review keyword on it, you can get domain name ideas here and register it at Name cheap.

Next is hosting, you need to buy a web hosting for your video autoblogs. I recommend you read this article on how to select the best web hosting for starters. Sign up with one and move to the next step.

Next is installing wordpress on your domain, if you find trouble doing this you can always chat me up for help. The video autoblog plugin works on wordpress only and that is why installing wordpress on your domain is mandatory. After doing that head over to this link and buy the theme and plugin with which you can create unlimited video autoblogs. The plugin will import videos from youtube automatically based on the keywords you enter.

When visitors visit your video blog they will watch the videos and also share your videos to their social media wall. This will help your website get steady traffic and subsequently commissions from amazon associates. When you start seeing steady traffic and commissions you can easily build another review video autoblog on another niche. You can also make money by placing adsense ads, selling your video autoblogs on Flippa or rendering the service on Fiverr.

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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