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My Free Facebook Marketing Strategy – Get Targeted Traffic To Any Offer

Written by Victor Kingsley

This article will show you how to drive high quality traffic using facebook and the best part of it is that you are getting all the traffic for free.

Facebook unarguably is the biggest social media website online with millions of users every single day. Facebook alone can generate all the traffic you will ever need for your online business. The traffic here converts so well if only you know how to generate it. Don’t worry I will be showing you how I promote and make conversions using Facebook without paying a dime on advert.
I recommend you promote a product that you have used or have much knowledge about so that you can easily convince prospects. You can use your existing Facebook account or create a new marketing account. Note that Facebook doesn’t allow a user to have multiple accounts so if you are going to create a new account be ready to provide an identity proof to back it up.

If you are going to use a new Facebook account for this then create an identity card (with photoshop) in case your account gets restricted and requires you to verify it with an identity proof. When done creating the new account, complete the profile information and make it look real. You can add maybe five posts on your wall before proceeding. Now it is time to join groups that are related to your offer, join not more than 30 groups per day. Join groups with high number of members and send friend requests to like 50 people per day. You will get your account restricted if you over do it. You need to be moderate to prevent facebook’s banning hammer.

Some groups will approve you within 24hrs while others might take days. Just don’t worry with time you will be approved in maybe more than 100 groups related to your offer.

Now to promote your offers you have to post in each of the groups, I recommend you have URL list of all the groups you have joined. Doing this will help prevent posting twice on the same group. I normally upload image because facebook monitors the text posts for spam and they will restrict you if you post same text on many groups. This is an example of the image I post.

Interested members will comment and then you can send them friend request and follow them up with inbox messages. Another method is to create a whatsapp group and then post the link on all the groups. When someone joins your group, explain to them what the product is  all about or post the website link where they can read more on the offer.

Post once in a group per day and change your texts and image backgrounds if possible in subsequent posts. Also make sure the page you are sending them to is mobile optimized because most of them are on mobile device. You will have more success if your facebook profile looks very real and professional. You will be able to promote any product with this method.

If posting manually will waste your time I will recommend using this software here. I have used it with great results. Although manually is always the best but you can also use the software. The software will post to all the facebook groups that you joined on autopilot.

To help you get started with this traffic strategy here is a list of facebook groups with 7.5 million members in total that allows you to post your adverts. Download and join the groups using the links in the PDF, these groups are specially selected due to its active members and click through. Here also is a list of 500 facebook groups categorized according to niches + 96 facebook group emails, it will help you to promote different affiliate offers. The facebook group niches are:

  • fun
  • entertainment
  • funny
  • business
  • marketing
  • internet marketing
  • jobs
  • like club
  • online marketing
  • make money
  • network marketing
  • link posting
  • blogger’s group
  • technology
  • website
  • facebook
  • like and share

That’s it, if you have some questions about this article you can contact me here by clicking on the facebook messenger icon at the bottom right , and I will try to help you with your questions.

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