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The Best Affordable Autoresponder Service For Affiliate Marketers

Written by Victor Kingsley

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There is a popular saying that the money is in the list and yes it is still true. This is because you can make money from a single subscriber in your list on a multiple basis. Imagine the earning potential when you have thousands of subscribers in your list which keeps on increasing.

Literally you will be making thousands of dollars monthly promoting your affiliate links and services to them. The challenge newbies or email marketing aspirants face is the monthly cost of autoresponder services out there. Big providers like Aweber and Getresponse charge based on the number of subscribers.

All that is about to change as I will show you the best cheapest autoresponder service out there that charges only $25 per month for a 50,000 subscribers.

Perhaps you may not know about email marketing and autoresponders. If you are just hearing about it for the first time, here is a brief on it. An autoresponder as the name implies is an online tool that helps internet marketers to collect leads from interested web visitors and then follow them up with series of scheduled emails/newsletters.

An autoresponder’s major objective from an internet marketer’s point of view is to store emails and send emails to the stored email. This is the sole aim of having an autoresponder which helps internet marketers build a business that last for years.

If you are not into email marketing or yet to start building email list, I will strongly advise you to start asap. If you already into internet marketing you must have seen big autoresponder companies like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp and so on.

Their services are world class and email deliver-ability is %99 inbox but the big challenge hindering aspiring email marketers from using them is their pricing terms.

These companies charge an increment once your subscribers increases and it can become much within short time depending on how many subscribers you can get in a day. It is a huge barrier for email marketing starters with low budget to build a sustainable online business.

Believe it or not, email marketing is one of the most lucrative consistent online business anyone will venture into. Build your email list/customers list and make money from them on recurring basis by selling related products/services to them. Make sure you build a relationship with them (subscribers).

With that said take a look at the screenshot below, you will see how much you are about to save using the autoresponder company I am about to reveal to you.
cheap autoresponder service

There is a saying that money saved is money earned. If you want to be able to send 50,000 emails with a monthly fee of $25 then enter your email below to get the info. Note that this autoresponder is still new in the market and it has same functionalities and %99 inbox rate like Aweber, Getresponse and so on.

This is an American company that has come to change the difficulties faced by young aspiring email marketers. Get in now to get the information and training on how you can make passive income with email marketing.

Why You should not use self hosted Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing:

I still have a self hosted autoresponder which uses the power of a SMTP (send mail transfer protocol) to send scheduled emails but I still faced low inbox rate and other challenges. Here are other reasons why it is a bad idea for affiliate marketing;

  • Why self-hosted autoresponder is a bad idea because your emails will keep on going into the spam box even after your subscribers had white listed the campaign address.
  • Reputable autoresponder companies pay big email providers like yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft every year to stay in their white-list database as a legit bulk email senders. This helps your business get high open rates and conversion. You wont be able to do this with self hosted autoresponder.
  • Big email companies like Gmail, yahoo and so on have different policies on how bulk email senders and autoresponders are verified and approved to hit their email inbox. So even if you have self-hosted autoresponder, your emails will still end up inside the spam box for some email providers.
  • I have used amazon SES before with Sendy email script. It was cheap and I enjoyed the full control but the only problem was that Amazon doesn’t allow affiliate marketing and once your account is banned you won’t get it back again.
  • Many SMTP providers and autoresponder service providers like Mailchimp are against affiliate marketing on their platform. These providers will strip off your affiliate links in the emails and some will ban your account immediately.

But don’t worry this cheap autoresponder is specifically meant for internet/email marketers. Affiliate links are allowed and you will never get your account banned for promoting affiliate offers.

Subscribe To Learn How To Make $1,000+ Monthly With 50,000 Subscribers Autoresponder

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