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How I Find Long Tail Keywords With Low Competition Using Free Tools

How I Find Long Tail Keywords With Low Competition Using Free Tools
Written by Victor Kingsley

Content marketing or blogging is one of the most lucrative online business one can venture into if done properly. Also it is very important that the proper well is fully understood before starting out. Many have quit blogging because they couldn’t get steady traffic or sales immediately. Many actually don’t understand the rudiment of what they are doing. It is always good to plan and research before embarking in any project no matter how small. Yes same is applicable when starting a blog, you ought to research and find keywords or long tail keywords that are having low competition and then some high amount of monthly searches. When you optimize your article with this long tail keywords, you will stand a chance to easily rank your blog/article on first search engine result page. With 10 SEO articles like that on your blog, it will be having tons of steady daily traffic which you can convert to subscribers easily. The question right now will be what long tail keywords is.

What is Long Tail Keyword
Long tail keywords can be easily described as the broader form of a keyword. In internet marketing a keyword means a phrase/word that people search while looking for an information. One word keyword are highly competitive and almost dominated by big online companies so it becomes a no go area for upcoming internet marketers with little capital. The alternative becomes finding keywords with 5 to 8 words long that has low competition and high monthly searches to target.

Why Long Tail Keyword
Ranking first page of SERP for a long tail keyword like “fancy watch for children” will be easier to a keyword like “watch” which will take ages and I assume that is not what you want. Also no one will visit your website if it is not appearing on the first page of google SERP. This is one major reason why many internet marketers quit because they get frustrated along the way. With Long tail keywords you can easily appear on the first page with steady organic traffic visiting your website. This is the best approach for any new internet marketing with low budget. It is very important to research and see if people are really looking for what you are writing about. There are many SEO tools out there, majority of the tools are paid but I will be showing you how I do my research with only free tools.

Long Tail Keyword Research
The only tools I use are google and google keyword planner. To access the keyword planner tool you will have to sign up for a google AdWords account. I use the auto suggestion feature of google when typing a search phrase to get keyword ideas and then I use keyword planner to check the monthly searches and competition level. I will be using “watch” as an example of a research keyword here. I will be digging deep to get long tail keywords from the “watch” keyword.

When you type “watch” the auto suggestion/completion will drop lists of related keywords being searched by other users. In the screenshot below you can see some keywords…

You should mix the main keyword with different adjectives to get unlimited keyword ideas like what I did below in the screenshot. I got more unique keyword ideas that might be easily ranked for.

I decided to select the phrase “best watches for men” from the list and then scroll down to the end of the page you will see related searches like the screenshot below. From the screenshot you can see we got a long tail keyword of 5 to 7 words. This is it, you can keep on digging in deep by clicking on one of this long tail keyword to get more related searches long tail keyword. Make sure you write the keywords down for further research using google keyword planner.

The next is to ascertain the number of monthly searches and level of competition for the long tail keywords. If the competition is low and having 1000+ monthly searches then it is a good keyword to write an article on and rank. Login to your Adwords account and navigate to the keyword planner. For demonstration I will be researching the following long tail keywords from our previous results “top 10 list of best watch brands”, “best watches for men under 500”, “best mens watches under 1000”

From the screenshot below you can see that the keyword “best mens watches under 1000” is having 1k-10k monthly searches which is very good but the competition level is high which is not good.

Same result for the keyword “top 10 list of best watch brands”, good monthly searches with high competition level.

Having a high competition on a long tail keyword from google keyword planner is sometimes not based on the ranking factor but on the CPC (cost per click) that is the cost advertisers bid on the keyword. It is also advisable to type the long tail keyword on search engine to analyse the websites that shows up on the first page. If the websites on the first page are more of established authority blogs or big company websites then it will be hard to out rank then.

You can use this strategy for any niche you want to write articles on or start a blog on. It will help you to start getting traffic immediately with little or no backlinks.

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